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How can we get the cruise lines to take less of your money? Here is how simple it is.

The cruise lines set the prices on their cruises. If you book it directly, they keep the full amount. If you book with an agency, the cruise line will give the agency part of the amount you paid for the cruise as commission. Discounts come from that commission.

Most large agencies with huge overhead like Vacations to go, Travelocity, Expedia, etc, cannot afford to give away any of the commission, so they don't discount. They actually ADD extra fees! We always discount. We share the commission on all our members cruises! Disney, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and some luxury lines, have banned any form of agency discounting so we give you the discount in the form of an on-board credit or towards travel insurance instead. It is as simple as that.

Many people get confused about how the discount is calculated. There are 3 numbers that make up the total charges for a cruise. Two of the numbers are government fees. The cruise line only pays commission on the cruise fare itself. The 'commissionable' cruise fare is what the discount is calculated from. Let's say you call Carnival and they quote you $1000 for a cruise. You will see the same cruise for the same $1000 price at Travelocity, etc. That is not the complete price! The three parts of the cruise costs are:

  • The cruise rate
  • Port charges
  • Tax

The $1,000 they quote is the total of the cruise rate and the port charge but NOT the tax! The tax can be from $15.00 to $500.00 per person or more, depending on the cost of the cruise! Always know the complete price, INCLUDING tax! Our quotes always include port charges and taxes. We are simply sharing the commission with you in return for you doing some of the work by researching the cruise online!

Your credit card is never charged by anyone except by the cruise line that you are booked on.

Your information is never sold or used by any third party, ever.

We provide live customer service cruise specialists to handle all of your needs.

Our PRICE GUARANTEE assures you that from the time you make your deposit, until your final payment is due, if you find that the price of your cruise has been reduced by the cruise line, we will get you the new lower price, GUARANTEED! So check back often and let us know if you see a lower rate! Click here the read the few exclusions.

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